Liszt Academy - Solti Hall
Budapest, Liszt Ferenc sqr 8, 1061

Blacksnow Flux

A Black Page Orchestra audio-vizuális estje

Black Page Orchestra, named after a work by Frank Zappa (its title inspired by a densely inscribed piece of sheet music), is one of the youngest contemporary music ensembles in Austria. The ensemble often performs pieces with extremely complex notation, and also collaborate with visual artists to create compositions which bring together the worlds of sound and vision. Most of their current repertoire consists of works by young composers. They will play these pieces this time with additional musical-theatrical intermissions based on events and pieces by members of the Dada and Fluxus movements. In addition to these pieces, during this concert they will present the premiere of a work by the Hungarian composer Bálint Bolcsó, using animated scores generated in real time as a result of his improvisations, thus giving the composer the chance to build a live connection with his performed composition.


  • Bryan Jacobs: Dis Un Il Im Ir Hungarian Premiere
  • Wojtek Blecharz: Blacksnowfalls Premiere
  • Martin Schüttler: Schöner Leben 3 (girl you know it´s true) Hungarian Premiere
  • Stefan Prins: Piano Hero #1 Hungarian Premiere
  • Brigitte Munterdorf: Public Privacy Flute Cover Hungarian Premiere
  • Alessandro Baticci: Mister DMA Hungarian Premiere
  • Bálint Bolcsó: Graceful Degradation Premiere
  • Alexander Schubert: HELLO Hungarian Premiere


  • Black Page Orchestra
    • Alessandro Baticci - flute
    • Igor Gross - percussions
    • Alfredo Ovalles - piano
    • Peter Mayer - guitar
    • Michał Litwiniec - electronics